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VCE Tutoring

VCE years are most important in student education lifecycles to shape their life goals and career. The student has to decide the right time when to invest their efforts in VCE preparation and to achieve a high ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score to get into their dream career professional roles at Australian universities. We at 7 Star Tutoring, have well-designed study packages for students who can start early preparation for the VCE exams. Looking to get started! contact us for more information about our VCE packages for the Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects.

Academic Assessment

We believe that students should learn from the past, and work in their present for the coming future. And for student learning advancement, we at 7 Star Tutoring, provide a detailed academic assessment for the students. This allows the student and their parents to know about the strong and weak study areas and how a student can manage their time and efforts to achieve high academic grades.

Skills Improvement

We at 7 Star tutoring help students to improve their numeracy-based skills using advanced mathematical approaches. This helps students to have solid theoretical and practical foundations, that will help them to achieve good academic grades.

Individual Support Session

We provide one on one or group support sessions, based on student academic performance which help them to bridge their study-related gaps. Such sessions are helpful for students’ smooth transition with their subjects, classes, homework, and competitions.

Exam Preparation

Exams can be stressful, but we at 7 Star tutoring help students with their study plans and provide tutoring support as per our well-designed programs for exam preparations. We provide one on one or group support sessions, for various exam preparations like NAPLAN, School entrance exams, Scholarships, etc.

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